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“Infarma” services in the pharmaceutical industry are based on our knowledge and experience. The professional competence of the pharmaceutical industry allows influencing the processes, which are oriented to the interests of our customers.

We create a dialogue that is focused on the achievement of goals of our cooperation partners. We create our services on the basis of the high qualification and long-term experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our wish is to understand the customer and to achieve great results together.


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Cooperation partners and customers


The company “Elpis” was founded in 1994 – wholesaler of pharmaceutical products – one of the five largest Latvian pharmaceutical wholesale companies.

The pharmacy wholesale company “Morfejus” was founded in 1993, is a representative and distributor of such German companies as Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH Dr. and Kade Phamaceutische Fabrik GmbH (Germany).

Interlux_logoThe company “Interlux” is the latest medical and research technology provider, one of the largest companies in its field of activity in Lithuania, operating since 1994. Expanding its activity in the Baltic States, the company has become a leading company in the pharmacy industry in Latvia. “Interlux” has a representative office in Latvia and has been operating here since 2005.


Nutritional Supplement Company in Scandinavia, Denmark has operated more than 20 years. Millions of people over the whole world put trust in the world-known nutritional supplements; they are sold in more than 50 000 pharmacies throughout the world. The company “New Nordic” has a representative office in Latvia, which is successfully offering these products in Latvia.

LDA was founded in 1993. The main direction of its activity is the contribution to the care and treatment of diabetic patients, early diagnostics of diabetes and preventative measures. The number of members is more than 3000.

Astra Zeneca

The company “AstraZeneca Nordic – Baltic” has a representative office in Latvia since 1997. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes the world major drug in different treatment groups. The company “Infarma” is cooperation with one of the pulmonology departments of AstraZeneca Nordic – Baltic”.

Latvijas Astmas un aļerģijas biedrība

The Latvian Asthma and Allergy Association (LAABS) was founded in 1990. It is a non-governmental organization, whose goal is to protect the interests of the asthmatics and allergic individuals, inform about the prevention of disease, treatment and rehabilitation opportunities. The asthmatics and allergic individuals may join the Association, as well as anyone who cares the public health and health care system in Latvia.

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For more information please call +371 28818603 or email !


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