Crisis communication, communication and counselling services in accordance with the Pharmacy Law and legislation of the Republic of Latvia

Development of the crisis communication plan

Excellent training can help avoid mistakes that could later be costly in the longer term for the development of the company. By developing a crisis communication plan, the companies often squander resources for the preparation of complex and unjustified plans of actions, which do not give the desired result. The plan should be simple, which can be adapted to crisis situations in real life. It is important to use a strategy that will be effective in practice and will not be contrary to the general goal of the company.

What do we offer?

K. Bell in his “Methodology of Crisis” writes: “In retrospect, it is surprising how often the responsible people “read the tea leaves” and made decisions without any preparation, while acting contrary to the plan or logic, but only in favour of their temperament.” This quote perfectly shows that crisis communication should be logical and well thought-out. Therefore, we provide our clients the precise instructions on the time, which is most suitable for provision of any information. We advise what information channels and means of communication should be used, depending on the complexity and the progress of the crisis – whether it a press conference, an e-mail message, a message on the home page, a meeting of employees, a public discussion, etc.

We will help

  • To identify weaknesses and potential risks of the organization, to prevent their development under the critical border of the crisis;
  • To build a model of the “involvement of employees”, which in turn will prevent the unreasoned and wrong actions in a crisis situation (hence, in a situation of increased stress);
  • To eliminate unreasonable errors caused by a stressful situation in case of crisis communication;
  • To develop a simple plan of the daily and crisis communication, because it is essential to ensure that every employee of the enterprise can implement it, if necessary;
  • To prepare possible scenarios on the basis of the experience of the Republic of Latvia and the Baltic countries, and the analysis of the crisis situation, because the crisis is not always an unexpected situation; a crisis situation may often arise as a result of ignoring the wrong actions or longstanding circumstances.


We help our clients to clarify, what should be better said, and provision of which information should be better abandoned, since the actions of the enterprises often do not meet the legislation of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Values of our customers – good reputation

Before preparing the crisis communication plan, it is important to think in the longer term. It is useful to remember that the crisis can be considered a set of events, the consequences of which constitute a threat to the successful existence and further development of the company. The most important thing – the crisis is associated with the negative publicity, which is the main cause of the crisis. By following the course of events, the courageous decisions are often required, which may not be supported.

In the process of the decision-making it is necessary to search for the mistakes that not only do not minimize the potential impact of the crisis on the company, but on the contrary – are increasing the losses and are therefore a threat to the company’s reputation.

Budget and deadlines

On the basis of the guidance, training and development of a crisis plan will take a certain time. This may seem excessively long time and impossible task. If the task requires too much time and knowledge and is a very time-consuming, many never start development of a plan on their own. By hiring a consultant, who will develop a crisis plan, you can save your money and will avoid potential losses that may arise as a result of the crisis.

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