Event management in the pharmaceutical industry – Health Day, Health School, conferences, seminars and training.

Having a correct understanding of the specifics of the industry, the company “Infarma” provides an effective opportunity to familiarize with the products or services of your company by increasing the efficiency of exchange of information between the target audience and the customers in Riga and Latvian regions.

Our strengths

The event management is one of the strengths of the company “Infarma”. By cooperating with us, you will contribute to the improvement of the selling skills of the pharmacists, which will be directly based on the operational specifics of your company and will be relevant to your product or direction of your operational activity. This will directly affect the sales increase.

We are establishing contact with the target audience in order to get your mission and standards across to it in accordance with the high-level requirements. Before organization of the event, seminar or training, we conduct a research in the departments, which are associated with the product sale. This provides a clear understanding of the training program or seminar, which is required for the target audience operating in the pharmaceutical industry.

Upon receipt of the order, we provide the exhaustive training materials for the members of the training, which allow them fully focusing on the presented information. We organize training in the form of lectures and complement them with the bright and practical examples in accordance with the provisions of the Latvian Association of Pharmacists.

Our customers are highly appreciating the events organized by the company “Infarma’s” and the concept of the program development, which help to compete in the period, when the product and service quality is highly appreciated. The work of the well-trained specialists is very appreciated by the customers today!

Health Day

Health is like money–we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it!

/Josh Billings/

In the framework of the Health Day, everyone, who is interested, has an opportunity to get free consultation and to share experiences, to learn important information about a variety of chronic and acute diseases, about their prevention. Events are attended by the physicians, patients, pharmacists, adults and children, pensioners and students, and all those for whom their own health is “worth gold”. ZTo know about the possibilities of prevention, to be able to maintain good health indicators – all the possibilities and offers in the health sector are presented to the wider audience today. Health Day has a preventive and informative purposes. . The motto of the Health Day of the company «Infarma»: «Prevention is more valuable than medical treatment!»…… Find out more information by contacting the experts of the company “Infarma”.

Health Schools

In the framework of the Heath Schools, everyone, who is interested, will be able not only to get advice but also to listen to lectures and get practical advice on health improvement. The lectures consider a variety of subjects and major factors, causing harm to health. Events are attended by physicians, patients, pharmacists, adults and children, pensioners and students, and all those for whom health is an important subject. Being aware of all the risk factors and discussing the importance of the state of health, we motivate the society to listen. School Days have a preventive and informational purposes.The motto of the School Days of the company “Infarma”: «Ask Your Pharmacist and Visit a Doctor Timely!»… Find out more information by contacting the experts of the company “Infarma”.

Seminars and training for pharmacists and doctors

Regional seminars (Liepaja, Daugavpils, Ventspils, Jelgava, Valmiera, Riga, Ogre, Cesis, Sigulda, Jurmala and other major cities of Latvia) for pharmacists and assistant pharmacists, as well as for doctors (dermatologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists and other specialists, such as nurses, medical assistants) in the major regions of Latvia. The seminars are organized in accordance with the charters of the LFB and LĀB. Specialists receive certificates that increase the interest and usefulness of the seminar. In the framework of the seminars the relevance of the pharmaceutical sector and the latest patient care possibilities are presented. Lectures with lecturers, chosen by the customers, or with the lecturers of the company «Infarma». In accordance with the needs of the customers and our capabilities, we provide seminars and conferences at various levels, where the number of participants varies from 35 to 300… Find out more information by contacting the experts of the company “Infarma”.


The creative team and experienced lecturers of the company “Infarma” are able to captivate and motivate the audience so that by getting into the working environment, the specialists will be able to use the gained knowledge in practice.

People are better perceiving information in an environment, in which they are addressed properly. The correct understanding and arguments applicable in practice create the high added value to any event organized by the company “Infarma”.

Free consultations

Use the opportunity to get free advice in person. We will provide information about the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as about our services and achieved results. We adapt the service to your requirements as much as possible. Learn more about the service!

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