Pharmaceutical outsourcing and product promotion in the Latvian and Baltic markets

What do we mean by the pharmaceutical outsourcing?

Today, when the company of each industry strives for greater increase of operational efficiency due to the lack of financial and human resources, the significant tasks may be entrusted to the external partners. It is “outsourcing” or the main idea of the external service. The theory describes this process as the solution of the specifically defined tasks by using external resources.

The “outsourcing” services are often comparable with the counselling services. For example, you are managing your own business and striving for the better results, so you hire a consultant, who consults you and recommends the best solutions. The consultant advises how to expand business, and the “outsourcing” service provider does this job for you.

Specifics of Our Activity and Benefits of Our Services

An important advantage is an opportunity to pay all attention to the expansion of your business and to distribute the company’s profit more efficiently, as the financial benefit of “outsourcing” is the lower price for the better quality. Outsourcing costs less than the maintenance of a suitably qualified employee, his/her selection, advanced training, creation and maintenance of the required work conditions, wages and all tax payments. In general, the customer can save and additionally get the feedback, because “Infarma” outsourcing services have a high added value and are based on our customer’s interests.

Our customers can entrust a wide range of orders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For example, familiarization of doctors and healthcare specialists with the customer’s products or services, as well as the organization of visits of pharmacists, which is an important link in the sales chain in pharmacies. Under the conditions of the severe competition in the market, you can entrust us the work that you cannot do by yourself and use an opportunity to achieve the better results. We offer concluding agreements, in which the service provider’s obligations are clearly specified; that allows the customers being relaxed and confident about the high level of services and great results.

Our customers are entrusting us the work, as external partners, save their resources because the income should be better invested in the development of the company.In addition, there are no frightening obligations or prepayment, which should be undertaken by the company while purchasing outsourcing service. The main benefit is the easier cost planning, because a fixed monthly fee should be paid in accordance with the rendered services.

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