Public relations and PR services – development of daily and crisis communication plan and consultations in the pharmaceutical industry


We understand that public relations are necessary for any enterprise. Public relations include all kinds of communication with people, with whom the relationships of the company should be built and maintained.

The services of the company “Infarma” in the pharmaceutical industry are based on our knowledge and experience. The professional competence of the pharmaceutical industry allows influencing the processes, which are oriented to the interests of our customers, and approaching the desired target audience.

“Infarma” Formula of success of the company “Infarma” is the development of an individual concept development for each business partner in order to develop image of awareness of the business partner. We are developing our services on the basis of high qualification and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our desire is to understand the customer and to achieve great results together.

We create a dialogue that is focused on the achievement of goals of our cooperation partners, which provides easily perceivable and correctly developed communication, which ensures long-term achievements in the field of pharmacy.


Why do you need to cooperate with us?


  • We provide the diverse opportunities and satisfactory results;
  • We offer solutions, which are based on the proven values of public relations and communication;
  • We develop reasoned objectives and long-term success.


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Use the opportunity to get free advice in person. We will provide information about the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as about our services and achieved results. We adapt the service to your requirements as much as possible. Learn more about the service!

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