Recruitment for pharmaceutical companies

We offer our services in recruitment of the pharmacists and pharmaceutical specialists, as well as advance training opportunities. On the basis of the long-term experience of the company “Infarma” in the field of pharmacy, you will not have to spend time and resources to recruitment and training. ВThe capability to work with total efficiency is particularly important for the company in the pharmaceutical industry. It is important for the employee to reach the indicators, which are required by the enterprise, also in the first months of his work. Knowledgeable and trained employee is the foundation of everything.

Pharmaceutical companies should be able to find and adapt suitably qualified specialists of the industry – pharmacists, pharmacy managers, assistant pharmacists, medical representatives, regional managers, consultants and other specialists… Find out more information by contacting the experts of the company “Infarma”.

There is a lack of employees in the pharmaceutical industry not only in the pharmacies

A relevant issue at the present moment – there is a lack of skilled labour force in the pharmaceutical industry, and if nothing changes, the situation will become critical in the near future. The problem will become particularly serious in the regions of the country. By assessing the personnel policy of the enterprise, most of the employers put forward the following statements in the course of the cooperation with the company “Infarma”:

“Our company needs knowledge and high qualification!”

“We regularly invested in training of staff, it was not cost-effective, the training of the employee took a long time – so the offer of the company “Infarma” is very useful for us at the moment.

“By attracting new employees, we give preference to specialists with the professional experience!”

“With the development of the enterprise, we have a demand for highly qualified specialists – with the help of the company “Infarma” we know how to find them!”

How do we help our customers in the pharmaceutical industry?

The problem of ageing and unwillingness of young people to return to work in the industry is an urgent problem in the entire health care system, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. The situation is not as critical in Riga and its surrounding area as in the regions. The lack of pharmacists is particularly acute in Kurzeme. Due to the lack of qualified specialists, there is a high risk that some pharmacies in the region will be closed. Pharmacies need not only pharmacists, but also health representatives, nurses, medical assistants in the health care industry.

We have found a solution how to provide our customers with a skilled labor force.

Highly qualified employee in the pharmaceutical industry is extremely valuable, so we will provide the answers on how we can help you… Find out more information by contacting the experts of the company “Infarma”.

Free consultations in the recruitment of pharmacists, medical representatives and other employees.

Use the opportunity to get free advice in person. We will provide information about the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as about our services and achieved results. We adapt the service to your requirements as much as possible. Learn more about the service!

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Find out more information by contacting the experts of the company “Infarma”.

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